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Honoring Shangó - Oricha Therapy Afro-Cuban Song Workshop

Sunday, December 6, 2020 at 2 PM EST – 3 PM EST

As part of maestra Kati Hernandez’s Oricha Dance Therapy and monthly Cuban Dance and Music program, join us for a 5-week workshop focused on Afro-Cuban songs and vocalizations, taught by a rotating line-up of acclaimed Cuban artists and adpowns. Learn to lift your voice and deepen your dance by combining these two powerful practices that go hand-in-hand in the Afro-Cuban tradition.

In commemoration of the recent day of Shangó, we will be joined by acclaimed adpown and community spiritual leader Afimaye Galarraga who will be teaching us songs for this deity of the Yoruba pantheon. Owner of fire, lighting, thunder, and war, Shangó is also the patron of music, drumming, and dancing. He represents male beauty, virility, passion, and power. Let’s raise our voices in embodiment of all these spirituous virtues!

-Drop-in: $15 -Full Dance and Percussion Membership: $120


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