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Kati Hernandez Cuban Dance

About Kati Hernandez's Cuban Dance Programs

Educating, Empowering, Healing through the rich Afro-Cuban Dance Diaspora

 Kati Hernandez: Cuban choreographer, educator, producer, and dancer provides a pioneering online and in-person Cuban dance, music and art program. A joyfully endless celebration of Cuban culture as a reflection of resilience, empowerment and healing. Committed to preserving and promoting Afro-Cuban culture worldwide through education and entertainment. Generating cross-cultural communities. Kati’s contagious uplifting energy and finessed style of teaching leads the way to a comprehensive Cuban dance and music journey suitable for a variety of skill levels. Her signature nationwide acclaimed program "Orisha Dance Therapy" is a language of expression through movements and rhythms of the rich Afro-Cuban Dance diaspora. It combines the magic and flavor of Cuban Rumba and the graceful dance and sound of traditional Cuban Son with the funky sound of Timba and groovy Cuban salsa. As a facilitator, Kati exposes her students to and collaborates with an outstanding line-up of Cuban artists. Each engagement is created with a lot of passion to bring a program deeply rooted in Afro-Cuban Culture, and inspired by you!

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Orisha Dance Therapy
  " Kati’s Signature Dance Program "

* Included in Dance pass

A language of expression, a reflection of resilience, empowerment and healing in community!

Afro-Cuban Orisha Dance Therapy
Oricha Therapy.png
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Oricha Dance Therapy

Oricha Dance Therapy

Sunday, 11:30 AM - 1 PM PST
All levels welcome

Oricha dance therapy goes beyond physical movement - it is a way to celebrate life!  This class brings empowerment and healing through the Afro-Cuban dance diaspora, with the objective of preserving this rich tradition, brought to Cuba during the 17th century. Students will learn a wide range of dances from different ethnic groups (Yoruba, Ararà, Congo, Franco Haitian). Through choreography this class stimulates  awareness of the intimate  relationship between rhythms, sacred songs, and dance. Our weekly themes are enhanced by implementing non-traditional forms of therapy such as pilates, Qigong, Chromotherapy, and the healing power of sound and the voice, which are infused into the warm-up and cool-down to cultivate balance of mind, body, and spirit. Awaken the self-body power, the collective power, and the spiritual power with dances of the Afro-Cuban diaspora. Oricha Dance Therapy is a practice rooted in Cuban culture and inspired by you!

** PLEASE NOTE that Kati’s instruction is based on her ability to see your movements. Therefore students are requested to keep the camera on during the sessions. 

Additionally, this class is live-streamed in real time with a traditional structure of live percussion and in-person students traveling in lines across the floor, and is a faster-paced format with less focus on technique. We recommend online students be familiar with and versed in Afro-Cuban dance for this class. Online students will have a consistent view of a member of Kati's dance company leading them through steps and phrases, with Kati moving in and out of the frame for initial instruction. Additional details on movements are provided via the chat. Thank you for understanding.**

Orisha Therapy Sessions

Special Orisha Therapy Sessions

Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 3.29.49 PM.png

Song & Percussion
with Luca Brandoli

In-Person & Online

Sunday 5/26, 12 - 1 PM PST

with Luca Brandoli


*Special Afro-Cuban Song & Percussion Workshop with guest Luca Brandoli, focusing on songs and rhythms for the bata drums


*$25 Prepaid by Sat 5/25 - increases to $30 day-of

*Location: Nate Holden Performing Arts Center, 4718 W Washington Blvd.

Tuesday Rumba

Tuesday = Online Fundamentals
ZOOM in on Cuban Dance! 

* Included in the online Unlimited Passes.

Are you ready to spice up your dance?

Join us!
Indulge yourself with the magic and strength of
Cuban Rumba and Afro-Cuban dances.

Are you ready to spice up your dance? For those looking to hone their Cuban Rumba and Afro-Cuban dance technique, or take their dance skills outside of the box and up a notch, Kati will take you on a comprehensive dance and music journey! Beginning with a warm up that focuses on Afro-Cuban body isolation exercises and musicality drills, students will be exposed to the various styles of rumba and Afro-Cuban traditions, while the intimate relationship between body movements, steps and music are highlighted. These classes weave musical and historical information to help you understand the close relationship between the rhythms, dance, and cultural aspects of these dances. Detailed music information will also be given to help expand your knowledge on the nuances that make this complex music and dance so full of grace and flavor. Kati teaches with passion and encouragement to help you achieve your dance goals and expand your knowledge of Cuban culture.

*** Please note that Kati’s instruction is based on her ability to see your movements. Therefore students are requested to keep the camera on during the sessions. Thank you for understanding.

Rumba Classes
Kati Rumba  Grand Park .jpg

Intro to Afro-Cuban Dance

Tuesday 5 - 6 PM PST

Class Dates: 5/7 - 5/14 - 6/4 - 6/11 - 6/18

Focusing on Afro-Cuban dance technique, step by step! With a warm up emphasizing body isolation exercises and drills, students will be introduced to basic steps from the far-reaches of the Afro-Cuban dance diaspora.  Movements are carefully broken down, and musical and historical information is woven in for a deeper understanding. If you are new to Afro-Cuban dance, or would like to hone your skills in this style, this is the class for you! 

This series continuing focusing on the foundational rhythms and steps for the oricha Oya, as well as the relationship between Oya and Shango.

Cuban Rumba Fundamentals -
Rumba Columbia
(Beginner / Intermediate levels)

Tuesday 7 - 8 PM PST

Class Dates: 5/7 - 5/14 - 6/4 - 6/11 - 6/18

Enhance your Rumba foundation! A comprehensive course dance for those new to Cuban Rumba or looking into honing their Cuban Rumba dance technique. Students will be exposed to the various styles of rumba—Guaguanco, Yambu and Columbia. Weaving Afro-Cuban body isolations and musicality drills. Guiding you to  develop your improvisation dance skills taking you out of just choreography and into the real-life application of this dance form! This series focusing on Rumba Columbia!

Wednesday: IN-PERSON
Cuban Rumba with Live Percussion 

LOCATION: Nate Holden Performing Arts Center

4718 W. Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016


Special 4-Week Rumba Columbia Series!
with Live Percussion

Wednesdays 7:30 - 8:45 PM PST

May Series: 5/1 - 5/8 - 5/15 - 5/29

Accompanied by the sound of LIVE TRADITIONAL PERCUSSION, join me on a fun Cuban dance and musical journey. On Wednesday evenings come out and experience an AUTHENTIC CUBAN RUMBA DANCE CLASS known for its high energy. This class is geared toward those who who are beginners familiar with the 5 basic steps of rumba, or for those who already have experience and are looking to spice up their dance, enhance their technique & develop new skills. This is a training suitable for dancers of ALL backgrounds and levels. THIS WILL BE A PROGRESSIVE COURSE.

  • First Week: intro to Columbia, drills and basic footwork. 

  • Second Week: Musicality drills, basic steps and footwork.



Rumba Columbia is a sometimes faster, energetic style of rumba that involves a solo dancer displaying their agility, strength, confidence, and sense of humor through their dance. The dancer's mimetic movements and acrobatic gestures are intended to converse with the drums, particularly the quinto player. The pattern of quinto strokes and the pattern of dance steps are at times identical, and at other times, imaginatively matched.​ 

Saturday's Cuban Salsa Groove!

IN-PERSON LOCATION: Pieter Performance Space,

2701 N. Broadway, Los Angeles, CA 90031

Saturdays Cuban Groove
Ajiaco "Kati's Cuban Dance Stew

"Afro-Timba" Cuban Salsa Suelta Fusion
*No Partner Needed.
HYBRID CLASS In-Person & Online
LOCATION: Pieter Performance Space

Saturdays @ 12 PM PST
A blend of Cuban salsa with traditional and contemporary  rhythms such as rumba and Afro-Cuban and more.

Start off your Saturday with... UNA BULLA!!! Get ready to shake it and get down a lo Cubano ( the Cuban way) 


This class is a tasty melting-pot of traditional and contemporary Cuban dances and rhythms blended together for a dose of morning fun, all under a weekly theme. Timba music, traditional Cuban dances, and Afro-Cuban body movements will be supported by a generous dose of information about Cuban music. You not only will  be having fun but filling up your brain and expanding your repertoire of Cuban dances. Kati covers well known traditional, popular cuban dances at the same time! Get ready to lift your spirit, sweat, learn and Start off your Saturday  with some laughter  while Kati occasionally shares her life anecdotes during the golden era of timba, and decodes some those double entendre in Cuban music! 

Cuban Casino

Cuban Salsa Level 1 & 1.5 
Casino Partner Work. No partner required!
In-Person ONLY
LOCATION: Pieter Performance Space

Saturdays, simultaneous hour, choose your level!

Level 1 (Intro) & @ Level 1.5 (Beginner / Intermediate)

1:15 PM PST

Build the basics of casino (Cuban salsa)!

Not a rueda class.

Kati teaches students the basic figures that are the foundation of casino, or Cuban style salsa. Perfect and build upon these moves, while also learning the correct technique to ensure a solid base.

Kati guides and  inspires students to have a more authentic, fluid dance communication with their partner on the dance floor and an unforced conversation with the music. 

ConClave Musicality 4 Dancers
Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 10.05.20 PM.png

ConCLAVE - Musicality 4 Dancers:
Featuring a Rotating Line-up of
Renowned Cuban Artists!

Next Session TBA


Building the bridge to dancing inside Cuban music, as opposed to drifting on top of it. A class that unifies and supports Cuban arts communities around the globe.

Cuban choreographer and educator, Kati Hernandez, hosts and curates an informal, yet insightful, session on musicality for dancers. With the empathic mission to inspire and educate a worldwide online community of social dancers of all levels, dance professionals and Cuban culture lovers from all backgrounds.To help enhance their practice by elevating their knowledge and understanding of Cuban music. This friendly gathering of students, Kati's friends, experts of Cuban music  and mentors. Exposes participants to an outstanding line up of world-renowned musicians, composers, and music masters. Who generously share their vast knowledge, projects, and inspiring personal live anecdotes.  

  ConCLAVE comes together to support and promote the work of our musicians and music educators  during these harsh times. 

Find out all Guest Musicians We've Had.

Percussion Track

Special Events

The Cuban Social!

An authentic Cuban experience in Los Angeles!

Next date TBA!


KimBambula Cuban Dance Ensemble


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